About Technical Committee on Learning Sciences


The IEEE Education Society Technical Committee on Learning Sciences implements the IEEE Education Society’s objective – to promote, advance, and disseminate state-of-the-art scientific information and resources related to the Society’s field of interest – the theory and practice of education and educational technology involved in the effective delivery of domain knowledge of all fields within the scope of interest of IEEE. We aim at:


  1. Establishing an international forum, led by and hosted within the IEEE Education Society, so as to gather a collaborative cross-disciplinary community in Learning Sciences, pooling knowledge and practical experiences to advance the frontiers of human (as well as machine) learning.
  2. Providing the initial catalyst for IEEE Education Society members and a wider pool of potential IEEE Education Society members to share information and enter into professional dialogues in human and machine learning; initiate and technically facilitate collaborations across multiple disciplines; and explore the potentials of interdisciplinary collaboration for advancing the Society’s field of interest.